Top Solar Myths Debunked

How Much Money Do Solar Panels Save

You’ve been hearing a lot about solar panels lately, but is it really worth the cost? Is your home suitable for solar panels to operate at maximum efficiency? There are many things to consider, and we are the first to recognize that solar panels are not a cheap investment. In this article, we’ll answer the question of how much do solar panels save and explore what you need to know before making a decision.

I need a perfect credit score to go solar

While it is true that you need a decent credit score in order to finance your solar purchase, it may be lower than what you think. Give us a call and see if we can work with you!

Solar panels are too expensive

This is probably the biggest myth we have heard, and understandably so. Solar is an investment, however, with financing options available, your monthly bill to pay off your installation can actually be less expensive than your current electricity bill. Plus, you will see drastic savings on your utility bill, meaning you will have more money available to pay off your solar panel installation. The typical payback period for solar is 7 years and the lifespan of your solar system will be anywhere from 20-30 years. That means just a few years paying off the cost of solar panels and a few decades enjoying lower electric bills and solar incentives. You do the math!

Installing solar panels will damage my roof

If done by inexperienced non-professionals, then yes, roof damage is certainly a possibility. However, our licensed, experienced and trained team of contractors have done thousands of solar panel installations and make certain to avoid damages to your roof. All of our builds are backed by a workmanship warranty so you have nothing to worry about.

Solar panels will not lower my electricity bill

Absolutely they will. This is one of the biggest incentives for going solar. A solar panel installation will drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate your electricity costs. It’s important to go with a local solar company that can help you with selecting the right solar energy equipment, design your system to fit your home’s needs, and complete the installation so that your solar system performs to its highest capability.

Will I still receive an electric bill with solar panels?

You will always receive a power bill in the mail even with solar panels unless you go entirely off grid. Your cost of electricity can be $0 with a proper solar installation that produces energy sufficient enough for your home’s energy consumption. There will likely be very small monthly taxes and service fees for staying connected to the grid.

I can’t afford the high upfront costs of solar

We are often running deals to have solar panel installs for no money down upfront, and then allow you to finance your cost of install from there! You don’t have to break the bank to make the switch to solar energy, it is now more affordable than it ever has been!

My roof is not suitable for solar panels

No problem at all! If your roof is oddly shaped, we may still be able to figure out a solution for you with some of our flexible thin film solar panels. Or, if you have enough space on your property, we can install a ground mount solar system that will work just as effectively as solar panels for your roof.

Excess solar energy will go to waste

This could not be further from the truth! Excess energy output from your solar panels can be automatically sold back to the power grid and you are credited with an energy payback for what you supply! As a matter of fact, California is considered the number one state in the country to become profitable with net metering!

Solar batteries to go off grid

Going off-grid is possible with a few extra additions to your solar energy system including a solar battery to store excess energy and provide backup power, and a critical load panel to make sure that your electricity is being routed correctly and providing backup to your appliances. It is also wise to invest in a charge controller, as these will adjust the rate at which charge is passed to the batteries, making sure they will not overload. You can gain complete energy independence from the utility company with solar battery storage, but this will lose your net metering capabilities as the excess electricity will be stored instead of sold back to the utility grid. Make sure to consult with your local experts to find out if battery storage is right for you.

Solar panels won’t work in cloudy weather

Contrary to popular belief, while solar panels require sunlight for electricity generation, they don’t need direct sunlight to produce energy. They can also generate power from indirect sunlight meaning they will work on cloudy days with cooler temperatures. Fortunately, it’s virtually always sunny in Palmdale, CA so we don’t have to be too concerned with this.

Do solar panels produce energy in the winter?

​Again, something we will likely never have to be too concerned about within Southern California, but for your information, yes! Solar panels will still produce electricity in the cold snowy weather. Solar PV systems main way of producing renewable energy is via sunlight, not of the heat from the sun. Sunny winter days generate power effectively and efficiently.

The cost of solar energy systems is increasing

Having solar panels installed for your home or business has become more affordable now than it ever has, in large part thanks to the national renewable energy laboratory and the advances in solar power technology. The average costs to install a residential solar system is between $12,000 to $17,000, but this is before solar incentives such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which can drastically reduce the price. The solar industry has seen vast improvements since it first came about, and this is just the beginning. Solar panel manufacturers are hard at work making new ideas come to life, and we are excited for what the future holds!

The power output is not enough for a home

​With the right solar energy company installing solar panels, your system can produce adequate, if not more energy than what your home needs. This is why it is important to consult with a local solar company in Palmdale like ourselves to make sure that your solar power system is prepared to meet your energy needs. Solar installations should always be handled by professionals for both safety and functionality purposes.

A solar panel system will not increase property value

​​Adding solar panels is one of the most valuable home renovations that you can do. There is varied research out there. Zillow estimates a 4.1% increase in the entire value based on homes that sold with solar panels versus homes without. Other research suggests a $5,000 increase for each kilowatt of solar power installed! To put this in perspective, most residential homes get a 6-kilowatt system!

Solar power does not help the environment

​In the U.S., burning coal is the main source of energy production. Coal is also one of the dirtiest fossil fuels. Furthermore, when it is burned it produces greenhouse gas emissions which is the largest contributor to climate change! This process additionally increases carbon pollution. When you think about how much energy is used in the United States, we are the world leader in energy consumption. That is a whole lot of fossil fuels being produced every day. By going solar, you are doing your part to reduce the reliance on coal and burning fossil fuels, while lowering your carbon footprint. Every contribution to this is significant to help stop the climate crisis. This is why we make it our mission to educate everyone on the advantages of solar energy.

Solar systems won’t save money

From significantly lower electricity bills to tax incentives, property value increases, and the ability to sell power back to the utility grid, solar panels will do nothing but save serious money for decades to come. Homeowners in California can expect to save anywhere from $35,000 to $60,000 over the 25-year average lifespan of their solar system.

Solar panels can’t hold up to bad weather

​Today’s solar panels and racks are extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions while requiring very little maintenance and cleaning. The manufacturing process has improved and today’s systems are designed to look sleek and blend in with your home while being sturdy enough to go up against high heat, freezing temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain, and whatever else mother nature can throw at them.

My roof has to be facing South

Solar panels do not need to face the direction of the Sun. As long as solar panels get direct sunlight for at least 5 hours, they will be able to produce enough electricity. ​The efficiency of solar panels have improved greatly over the years, so modern models are far more effective than older ones were. The latest solar panel technologies can convert about 22% of sunlight energy to electricity, while older models have a much lower efficiency rate of only 13%.

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