Solar Energy Company Fort Myers

Solar Energy Company Fort Myers

The county seat of Broward county is a popular tourist destination in no small part thanks to its estimated 3000 hours of sunshine per year. That’s 3000 hours of power production if you switch to solar and take control of your own utility bills. No matter whether we’re talking about small scale residential or large scale commercial (do you have any idea how much space for solar panels is available in a mall or factory?) solar is the answer to your cost efficiency if you’re living in Fort Myers. And if you’re looking for ‘solar power installation near me’ in Fort Myers well then congratulations because you just found it.

Will Solar Energy Benefit Me?

Even with 3000 hours of sunshine there are still those who worry that solar power won’t be enough to cater for their needs. Without knowing your power requirements we can still safely assure you that solar will benefit you enormously, but that a smart approach may be to use a flexible or combined approach.  That would mean you get all the benefits of your own solar power station working for you throughout those sunny hours, but still have the back up of stored power and/or the national grid to ensure you never go short.

How Much Solar Power Will I Need?

Solar power is a science, not a thumb-suck so we can look at your power needs (just show us the utility bill), your location, your building’s exposure, and the available space for photovoltaic panels to be installed. We can then calculate for you just how much you can save over a year and with that how long it will take for you to recoup that investment and hit the break even or better where your power is effectively free.  Great for your pocketbook, great for the planet.

Grid-Tie and Net Metering

But what if the sun doesn’t shine today?’ people ask.  Your solar system can be tied to the grid so you effectively have the national power system as your back up and by a clever system called net metering you can deliver your solar power back into the national system for others to use. Until now that hasn’t been available to citizens of the Sunshine State as the utility companies have resisted it but the regulations on third party power production are already starting to change and the way we pay for power is changing with them.

Residential and Commercial Solar Installations

We cater for any size of installation in the Fort Myers area – from a partial power installation in a home that’s intended only to power up pool and outside lights, to a full private solar power station to run industry or commercial interests. We do it all from simple roof panels on your roof to industrial scale systems.  That includes the potential for a complete solar farm racked onto dual axis positioning systems that track the sun in the sky by day and reposition throughout the year to make the most of sunlight across the seasons.

When you look around our city of Fort Myers, you may have noticed that solar energy is not only being found on single family homes, it’s starting to take over commercial buildings as well. Everything from schools to businesses, grocery stores and large warehouses. All across South Florida we have been providing clients with our top rated commercial solar panel installations. We have the experience and equipment to take on large scale projects like this.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power has become a viable source of energy for multiple reasons. It is environmentally friendly and renewable, leads to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, saves water, reduces utility costs and can help to create jobs in the community.

Financial Benefits

You may have heard that solar panels can save money, but exactly how so? Many people fear that the upfront installation cost is too high and they will never make a good return on investment, but we’re here to assure you that is far from the case. The average payback period is 5 to 8 years, and your solar system should last you 20 to 30 years if it is installed correctly.

Solar panels help to reduce utility costs

If you generate your own electricity and use it on site, you will not have to buy as much energy from the grid and thus pay less money for your electric bill. We have many clients that have cut out their electric costs completely and get all their necessary energy provided from solar panels. When a solar energy system produces excess energy, the meter will spin in reverse. We offer net metering, which means that when your panels are producing more energy than you are using, you can sell that power back to the grid and receive a credit. This only means more savings for you!

Tax Incentives

Another way solar energy can save you money is through federal incentives such as tax credits. The Federal government will provide a 26% tax credit in the form of a rebate for solar panel installations. This is formally known as the Federal Solar Investment Credit. Seeing that there is no limit on how high the rebate can be, we have had plenty of clients that have gotten all of their taxes covered from this rebate!

Solar Panels Increase Property Value

Last but certainly not least, a solar installation will instantly increase the value of your property for resale. By how much exactly? Some studies indicate a $6000 increase for every kilowatt of solar panels, while others say $20 for every 1$ decrease on a utility bill. The easiest equation comes from Zillow, which states that homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more than similar homes that did not utilize solar energy.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar heating of homes and water generally reduces the amount of pollution due to carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. Solar power also provides electricity. On a smaller scale, solar array panels that heat water for individual houses only use the sun as an energy source which reduces large-scale pollution and global warming associated with fossil fuel burning. When you decide to make the switch, you are lowering your carbon footprint and helping to prevent climate change.

What To Know Before Purchasing a Solar Installation

There are many things you must consider before moving forward with a solar panel install. How many solar panels do you need? Are the panels best suited on your roof, as a ground mount, or both? Should you invest in a solar battery? The list goes on and on, and it can be quite overwhelming to figure out on your own. Call our team of professionals with over 10 years of combined experience to help steer you in the right direction.

Is Solar Worth It In Fort Myers?

South Florida benefits from one of the warmest climates in the entire country, making it a fantastic place to have solar installed. Your solar panels have the capability to produce energy at peak power every day of the year. The more energy your panels produce, the more money you save on utility costs.

What happens when it is cloudy or rainy?

Of course we can see our fair share of rain during hurricane season, but not to worry. Your solar panels will still be able to power your home and business in the rain, clouds, or at night time. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to charge, and they will produce enough energy to store some away for those times when the sun isn’t shining.

Go With A Company You Can Trust

We know that for a majority of our customers, solar energy is a brand new concept. You really are at the mercy of the solar energy company you decide to business with, and if you cannot rely on them, the project is sure to be a disaster. Avoid frustration, save time and money by choosing us for your next solar panel installation. We only allow professional roofers to touch your home and perform your solar installation. We believe that anyone that is not trained to touch a roof should not be on it. This crucial characteristic, along with our fantastic prices and financing options is what sets us apart. Call today, or fill out a free quote form on any one of our pages to get the ball rolling!

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