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Our qualified solar panel professionals have worked with countless homes and businesses helping them to begin living a more sustainable lifestyle with energy sourced from our high-quality solar panels. In building our company locally, you can count on us to increase the value of your property while enhancing your quality of life with a reliable, renewable energy source.

About Us

All Phase Solar has watched as the solar business has gone from clunky old thermal panels that warmed water by absorbing the sun’s heat to the sophisticated photovoltaic power systems of today.  We’ve seen how the sun – the cleanest and greenest of all the sustainable sources of renewable energy has been ever more efficiently tapped by improvements in photovoltaic technology and home storage. We’ve been part of the story as solar power has matured to be a fully operational power source with each home capable of powering itself – and even of selling power back to the national grid.  We’re the experts in solar panel installation and integration with other power systems and we can install your own systems. Which means you can reduce your fossil fuel dependence, clean up your green act, reassure customers and family members about how responsible you are… and yes, save money.

Our Services

 Commercial Solar Fort Myers

Your business has the capacity to generate its own power.  We can say that even without learning your power demands because however much you need we know how to generate at least part of that power load so that your bills tumble.  We can show you how to convert carports into generators that power up your business just as they keep your fleet, or your employees autos safe from the sun. We can install ground based panel arrays in unused patches of ground that can track the sun as it moves through the sky and maximize your power generation. We can integrate your own power system with that of the national grid so that you always have the fall back of drawing power from the utilities companies and we can even show you how to sell surplus power back to the grid to subsidize the power you draw from them. Looking for commercial roof repair? Be sure to check out our friends at Roof Repair Burbank CA and find out how to get the job done right!

Residential Solar Fort Myers

There are a growing number of individual items, from nightlights to security cameras, to pool pumps that use solar but while some standalone units have their advantages the game only really gets into gear when you integrate.  Creating your own solar power system for the house gives you much more flexibility and scale when it comes to powering the electrical items you need and achieving cost savings from your utility bill. 

Cape Coral Solar Fort Myers

Cape Coral has always been an astonishing early adopter from the way its founding was financed to the first large scale installation of reverse osmosis to handle its water needs. With so many residents and businesses attracted to its waterfront lifestyle and closeness to nature and the elements it comes as no surprise therefore to find that there is huge demand for solar power from the Cape. We’re there to answer that demand.

Fort Lauderdale Solar

Fort Lauderdale and is a natural hub for solar thanks to the huge number of sunny days per annum and the power that makes available. We can talk to you about the right size and type of solar system for your needs and then build it and integrate it to maximize your power efficiency and minimize those pesky power bills.

Fort Myers Solar

The county seat and commercial hub of Lee County is alive with businesses and residences that are investigating the possibilities of solar power for their energy needs.  Let us work through those possibilities with you and match them up with your needs.  We make solar a reality for your business or home in Fort Myers.

Miami Solar

Miami is the bustling business hub of South Florida and we like to think we play a growing part in that by bringing renewable power to the mix for homes and commerce alike. We not only take care of installation and integration with existing power systems and the national grid but we can also explain to you the financial implications and not only how to save money on bills but how to maximize your tax efficiency.  Where you aware that you can claim back about a third of the cost of your solar installation thanks to a federal tax cut? Did you know that renewable energy improvements can be exempt from taxation for the increased value they add?  Are you interested in selling power back to the grid as a way of further reducing your utility bill?  Talk to us at All Phase Solar – we have the answers you are looking for.


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