Fort Myers Solar

Fort Myers Solar

Sunny Fort Myers, the tropical City of Palms, was just made for solar power and we are the professionals to make that potential a powerful reality for your home or business. The Sunshine State was clearly made for solar panels and yet up until now a lot of potential customers have held off after hearing stories that the utilities companies are resisting solar and stopping some of the financial benefits like selling power back to the grid.  Well if you live in Fort Myers you’re already blessed, but with changes to the way solar works, is billed, and taxed, things just got even better for you making this the year to move to solar.

Commercial or Residential

Solar may have started out with water warmers on the roof, usually used for non critical purposes like pools but it has come a long way and today’s solar energy photovoltaic systems are miniature power stations for your home or business. Battery technology is also improving hugely and you’ve probably heard that companies like Tesla are investing heavily in home batteries which hugely increases the practicality of solar panels. But there are also half way house options like grid-tie where you have your own solar production but aren’t off the grid. Instead you can tap into the power grid as little or as much as you need and be billed for what you use but save money but using your own solar production as much as possible. Commercial or residential, big or small, we have a solar system for you.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) means that certain residents or commercial enterprises are entitled to claim their solar investment back against tax.  In real terms this can take almost a third off the price of installing your solar power system – a powerful argument to go solar in the Sunshine State.

Property Tax Exclusion

One thing that homeowners often don’t realize is that there is a property tax exclusion for residential  renewable energy.  That means that unlike other home improvements where you can expect to be hit with a tax demand when you come to sell, upgrading your home with a residential renewable energy system is tax exempt.  Your home improvements, even if they considerably add to the value of your property (and the research says they will) are not considered taxable.  Double whammy win.

Florida Net Metering

If you heard that the Florida utilities companies had resisted the idea of buying back solar power from residents then you heard right. What you may not have heard is that the rules are changing and there are now utility partners you can hook up with to sell power back to the grid to reduce your own bill. Of course there are rules to this game including the fact that utilities companies purchase at wholesale prices but all the more reason to talk to us. We’re the professionals who can make sense of all these regulations and help you calculate exactly what you’re likely to pay for your investment and how much you can make back through your own power output.

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If you’re lucky enough to live in South Florida then you love the sun as much as we do but it’s time to get more than a tan from it in return. We don’t just sell panels. We talk to our customers about their needs, their power usage, their curbside appeal requirements, their building exposure, elevation, and potential for power generation.  We explain the costs and the savings of each of any number of combinations of power systems including off grid and grid-tie.  Then we can get to work to build a better future, but for all that to happen first you need to call us.  So call us today.

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