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The future is bright, the future is solar. Anyone who still doubts the promise of solar power has simply not kept track with the reality of the industry today. Improvements in panel efficiency and storage means that you can genuinely transform your commercial property into its own mini power grid generating power from free sources and hugely reducing your fuel bills. Investment in solar power for commercial properties is a smart move in the short term for utilities costs, the medium term for the increased value of solar equipped properties, and the long term for the planet itself.  There aren’t many investments that save you money save the Earth but commercial solar installation with the Coastal Solar Partners of South Florida is one of them.  Commercial properties in particular can benefit from solar because they typically have so much space which is not only unused but also out of sight so a full power grid system can be installed with almost no impact on your business or your customers – but plenty of impact on your utility bills.

Commercial Solar Solutions by South Florida Solar Company.

Commercial solar is a no-brainer from every angle. South Florida Solar of Fort Myers has been providing commercial solar installations for just as long as we have been offering residential and the benefits to commercial property owners are just as immediate. In addition businesses that install commercial solar reap even more rewards because they can write off 30% of their installation costs on their taxes the very same year that they have had the system installed. This means one of two things for your commercial property; either you are getting up to 30% more in revenue immediately or you can cut costs right away which increases your bottom line immediately.

Experts in commercial solar projects.

South Florida Solar Company is the best company in South Florida for commercial solar solutions. We don’t just install; we consult, we design and we help you make sense of your energy needs which means that we can provide the right solution to be effective and efficient. You may need a full power grid system to run your whole building or you might need a more targeted solution for your business park or you might just need some extra panels on your warehouse roof. No matter what you are looking for, however big or small the scope of the project, our South Florida based team are ready to help out with all aspects of creating your commercial solar installation. Covering all the way from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale, we’re the experts you can trust.

Roofs and Carports

Commercial properties almost always have large amounts of roof space that is out of sight and out of mind. The bigger the property the more you are paying in lighting, heating, and air conditioning but the flip side is that the bigger the property the bigger the roof space that can be pressed into service to reduce those power bills. If you have customer or employee parking spaces then we can also transform into a mini power station by installing solar panels onto carports. That’s a double win right there since the carports protect those autos or your commercial fleet from the power of the Florida sun while using that sun to generate power for your business.

Ground Mounted

Commercial space often comes with large amounts of unused land and you don’t have to have acres of roof space to install a full solar panel array. We can also mount solar panel arrays as stand alone ground mounted systems to turn waste land into power and money. Ground mounted solar panel arrays come in two main types – standard and pole mounted. The key difference is that standard ground mount are essentially fixed, although they can be moved manually. Pole mounted systems can more easily incorporate tracking. With tracking the pole system has an axis around which the panels can move automatically throughout the day to best harvest the Sun’s energy. Dual axis systems can go a step further and also adjust for the seasons of the year. Talk to us today about what system would work best for you.

Solar Panel Grid-Tie Systems

Grid-tied systems mean that your commercial space has solar arrays but is also connected to the national grid so that you have access to power throughout the day or whatever the weather which may be a big factor to consider in business critical systems. 

Energy Storage Systems

If you have grid-tied you may not need extensive storage since you can automatically switch to the power grid if you run short of solar, but we can also install large scale storage for you since modern battery technology means that you don’t just get solar power when the Sun is shining.

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We can help you plan out a cost effective commercial solar energy solution that fits your needs and allows you to make a solid return on your investment.

Experienced & Certified Solar Installers

With years of combined knowledge in the field we know how to design and install efficient, low maintenance systems that continue generating revenue for year after year.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured so you know that the job is done right. We will also provide you with all of our warranties in black-and-white for your peace of mind.

Full Service Installation

We will not just design and install a great solar energy solution for you, but we can also take care of the permitting process to make your life easier. We can also offer ongoing maintenance so that you have access to low cost power long into the future.

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If you’re lucky enough to live in South Florida then you love the sun as much as we do but it’s time to get more than a tan from it in return. We don’t just sell panels. We talk to our customers about their needs, their power usage, their curbside appeal requirements, their building exposure, elevation, and potential for power generation.  We explain the costs and the savings of each of any number of combinations of power systems including off grid and grid-tie.  Then we can get to work to build a better future, but for all that to happen first you need to call us.  So call us today.

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